foods perfect for a Rainy Day. Grab a seat at the sandwich counter; Unwrapped is serving up some deli favorites! Plus, sip on a drink at Squeeze that you can always 'squeeze' into your schedule. Plus, a chocolate-covered snack...with legs! Today Marc Summers is unwrapping cozy cuisine with visits to Campbell's soup, the Boston Chowda Company, the American Pie Bakery, Manischewitz for matzo ball soup, macaroni and cheese at Amy's Kitchen and Thee's Continental Pastries. Plus, the secret to serving up Tony Roma's baby back ribs. It?s time to hit the sofa and relax. First, get a taste of real American barbecue at The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, find out what makes a sundae worth a $1000 and check out the reigning hot dog of New York, Papaya King. S16, Ep1. Check the mail with host Marc Summers as he explores Mail Order Munchies. Marc Summers explores his inner child with a look at Kiddie Cravings. We'll also learn about the tiny but important ingredient in most baked goods: yeast. Then, check out how Arby's puts the curl in their famous curly fries, and we'll track down a Los Angeles food cart that satisfies grilled cheese cravings all night long! Find out how what makes a candy daring, how jawbreakers get all those layers, and how sour candies cause such a pucker. Marc Summers is getting an inside look at the snacks that go well with sweat. Next, Samuel Adams makes a great companion to a tailgate party: beer! At Xan's Confections, a sparkly caramel has a surprise inside, and Eichten's Hidden Acres is turning up the heat with their Chipotle Pepper Gouda. Then, Lowrey's Pork Rinds pop up inside your microwave! Plus find out how Stuckey's got going. Then, watch how Palermo's Pizza makes 150 frozen pizzas every minute! This special edition focuses on the midday meal. Finally, check out the "coolest" Cool Dogs around. Marc Summers travels to French toast restaurant and then learn the origin of the waffle fry. Plus, put the finishing touches on your sweets with Betty Crocker's Icing in a Tube! Also, watch how chocolate transforms into playing cards and visit one of Vegas' gigantic buffets at the Mirage. Then, see how cereal can be included in every meal. Watch as pasta is factory made, then learn some secrets to the sauce. Jimmy looks at how our national dish could become squid and chips. And what about using crispy bacon on your cupcakes? Check out an amazing collection of candy spanning a century. Track Food Unwrapped season 14 episodes. See how one company builds creative cupcakes in an unconventional package! First, watch how Schwan's delivers the ultimate comfort food right to your front door. From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, popcorn, Moon Pies, Beef Jerky, Fruit Pies, and more. Unwrapped is heading to Nestle to see the crunchiest candy bar out there. In this episode of Unwrapped, Marc Summers explores tailgating temptations. Remember Otter Pops? You can't have birthday cake without plates! Join host, Marc Summers, as he takes a trip down the Boardwalk. Head to Tank Town and watch a rain wrangler make bottled water and get the inside scoop on making a perfect Pot Roast. Find out how strawberry bon-bons get their filling, chill out with a taste of frozen berries on a stick, and see how the verona cookie gets it's fill. Check out some classic snacks that have developed a new, colorful character. Marc takes viewers behind-the-scenes on hit series like Everyday Italian, Unwrapped and Emeril Live, revealing what it really takes to put these shows on the air. Visit the days of penny candy. Finally, figure out just what those pillowy packets are in the bottom of your bags of munchies. Learn the secrets behind iced tea, and discover Popeye's fried chicken. First, visit Marie Callenders, learn how Stouffer's Mac and Cheese is concocted, then stop by a restaurant specializing in gourmet Grilled Cheese. in this fruitful episode of Unwrapped. Watch how Ready Crisp Bacon is made, check out how Kettle brand Potato Chips are cooked and visit a factory developing X-tra crispy Fries. Marc Summers takes a biteout of Cookie Snacks. In this episode of Unwrapped, join host, Marc Summers, as he gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics. The secrets to sides like Pepperidge Farm's stuffing and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Then, check out a soda for grown-ups and take a tour of the Fancy Foods Show. Next, check out a research company developing the cutting edge of food magic, and discover a Chicago chef conjuring exotic ways to eat. Step up to the 'plate' with host Marc Summers for a look at snacks that suit up for little league. Then its on to Mrs. Fields for a look at Sugar cookiesr. Then, check out an amazing collection devoted to Mr Peanut. See macadamia nuts get shucked, cool down with Matsumoto Shave Ice and visit King's Hawaiian sweet bread factory. Discover how a Wendy's Frosty is formed, get a taste of a hot sauce with a cool bite and head to Tastee Freez for lessons in twisting up a cone. Discover where Goo-Goo Clusters got their name, and learn how the Pecan Roll got rolling. Find out the history of 7-11 and learn how Cheez-its get cooked up. Join Marc Summers as he catches up on the classics. And save room for dessert-we've got Marie Callender's pies and Reddi-wip. Also, Three Lollies has developed a lolly that's sure to soothe your tummy. Finally cool off with a taste of Italian Ice, Frozen Lemonade, and the original Icee. Plus, gourmet pork on your doorstep every month of the year with The Bacon of the Month Club! Find out what a real Root Beer enthusiast has dug up, and see what's on display at the Gourd Museum. Next, see rum cakes churned out by the dozens a meet the maker of Mean Green Margarita Salt. Join the crowd as host Marc Summers tackles fan fare at ballparks and arenas. First, we'll set our mouths on fire with Atomic Fireballs like you've never seen before! Over 4 million bags of Cheetos are made every DAY! Host Marc Summers digs into Deep Fried Treats. Marc Summers is serving up snacks meant to grab on the go. Marc Summers gets a taste of how coffee is made at Boyd's coffee company, learns about chicory at Cafe du Monde, visits the Boston Coffeecake factory & learn the secrets behind decaf at Swiss Water. Marc Summers is exploring everything "KING SIZED". Then, see the lighter side with this white chocolate creation from See's Candies, and watch how Simply Divine Brownies is using technology to make a personalized treat! Visit with a Chuckwagon Chef, bake up some beans at the B&M factory,and check out a Cowgirl Restaurant. Then head to Ohio for a look at Buck-eyes. Plus, discover how sweet and sour mix gets stirred up. Today we're unwrapping some sour citrus! First, Learn the secrets of a company building entertaining eateries, see how Lite-pops are put together and attend one wacky wedding. S16, Ep1. Take a behind the scenes look at the many different ways ice cream get frozen into shapes. This episode features the secrets of Vermont Maple Syrup, the stickiest buns to come out of the oven, Honey buns, NY City Bagels, How Grape Jelly Jels, what makes a donut & a toaster collection. Plus, check out a Vending Expo. The team explore food myths from a neutral point of view, culminating in a summary based on scientific research. Finally, wake up with a traditional cup of cowboy coffee. Plus, Too Tarts candy creates a new way to eat your ice cream...and it comes in a spray bottle! First, Swiss Colony makes a birthday hat that's too tiny to wear, but the perfect size for snacking! Kate lifts the lid on the nation's favourite yeast extract, putting Marmite's latest TV advert - which claims that they can predict whether you love it or hate it - to the test. We check in with the Philadelphia Macaroni Company to see how they do it. First, see how crab is made, see Sand Dollar cookies churn out ,and surf over to Wahoo?s Fish Taco. com, and teach you how to make your own at Cook Street Culinary School. Finally, check out how relish makes the cut. Also, what's the story behind "gelt," those chocolate coins encased in bright foil? First we take you to a classic Hollywood theatre for the history of movie munchies. We'll look at the longest candy counter, explore the oldest restaurant in the U.S. and break open the biggest bag of chips. 30min | Documentary, Comedy | TV Series (2012– ) Episode Guide. Marc Summers tastes the tropics. Plus, check out how toothpicks become works of art! Learn the secrets to making candy pop in your mouth, and candy that will make you pucker. Visit to a place "hunting down" a sampling of spices, check out what makes Dentyne Fire 'date friendly', and tour a tea factory with a titillating twist. Marc Summers unwraps our favorite candy bars including the Milky Way, NECCO's Clark Bar crunch, Ghirardelli filled squares, Twix Bars, Vosges Bacon Bars and we find out about all the new trends at the Candy Expo. Time to perk up and stay alert as host Marc Summers unwraps the American obsession called caffeine. Dove Chocolate Discoveries brings a holiday party into your home, and the special guest is chocolate! We'll uncover the secrets behind these holiday staples -- more candied yams with mini marshmallows, anyone? First up, visit Wisconsin Natural Acres bee farm and learn how the bees' wings help turn the nectar into honey! Whether they come from a bush, a vine, a box or a can, join host Marc Summers as we reap all kinds of berries. Whether you're in the stands, tailgating from the parking lot, or cheering from the couch, these are the snacks that sports fans love! Then belly up at Eskimo Joe's where they're serving up a cold one with a familiar face and see how Hostess is throwing Snoballs year round. Plus, learn the history of Karo Syrup. Just when you thought you'd seen everything, the Lipton research and development lab explains their new line of pyramid teas and finally, how about pepping up with some peppermint? Explore the ultimate candy-land store, Hometown Favorites, and visit factories that still make Wax Lips, Sugar Babies, Necco Wafers, Charleston Chews and Skybars. Food Unwrapped tries to make sense of Brexit the only way it knows how by asking what will happen to the food on our shelves in our fridges and on our plates, and how our supermarkets will look and behave after we leave the EU. Today we're smelling the stinking rose and serving up some versatile dishes of garlic goodies. Host Marc Summers gets out the grill and grabs the spatula as we fry up the facts about hamburgers. Take a cross-country pizzeria tour from the first pizzeria in America locate in NY to the "windy city" for a look at what makes a pizza "Chicago-style". First up, Malt-o-Meal is bringing dessert to the breakfast nook with their Chocolatey Mini Spooners, and at Max Brenner's chocolate restaurant, you can get the delicacy almost every way imaginable! Unwrapped. Think again. With looks at Blue Diamond's smokehouse almonds, See's Candies, Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts, Larabar trail mix, Paramount Farms pistachio plantation and NECCO's Squirrel Nut Zippers. Marc looks at the foreign foods that have become American favorites. Plus, Funny Face Drink Mix collectibles, behind the scenes of Hawaiian Punch, and outer space with Tang. And the secret to Choctal Ice Cream lies in the jungle! Grab a refreshing beverage 'cause today we're washing down a few salty snacks including Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar chips, Vlasic Snack'mms, Rold Gold pretzels, Fisher Nuts, Maine Sea Salt and Chef Paul Prudhomme seasoning salt. With blue corn Tostito tortilla chips, Tootsie Roll Blue Raspberry Gumballs, Maytag's dairy farm blue cheese, Dole's blueberry freezer, Airheads candy factory and frozen fruit bars at Hola Fruita. Discover how the Nestle Crunch bar and the Drumstick are created. Marc Summers explores Soda Fountains. Marc Summers opens the fridge on America's favorite midnight snacks. Then, from Gruyère and Swiss to marshmallows and banana, anything goes at the Grilled Cheese Invitational! Marc Summers opens the can on foods that are sealed for storage. Food Unwrapped; Genre: Consumer: Based on: Food CIA: Presented by: Matt Tebbutt Kate Quilton Jimmy Doherty (2013—) Helen Lawal (S12 Supermarket Special—) Amanda Byram (2019 Christmas Special—) Andi Oliver (2019 Christmas Special—) Briony May Williams (2019 Christmas Special—) Kiran Jethwa (S9 - S11 specials) James Watt (2012) Martin Dickie (2012) Country of origin Also, get a taste of a frozen lemon treat. A sample of more favourite investigations. In this one-hour special Marc Summers does what he does best, and "unwraps" the Food Network. Plus, why is soy in so many UK foods? Plus, the secret to adding the all-natural sweetener to this Malt-O-Meal's Honey & Oat Blenders cereal is in the spray! Check out a "sugary" café and discover the secret behind making toffee. Plus take a walking tour of the ethnic markets of Chicago. Head east for the birth of the buffalo wing, the rivalry of the cheese steak and the taste of key lime in Key West. Jimmy visits Europe's biggest brewery, Kate challenges Matt to make some crumpets and Matt learns why maple syrup is so expensive. With 500 million Twinkies coming off the line each year, we'll answer the question-how do they get that filling into those tiny cakes? How do you eat a 2-pound bar of chocolate? Get a line on a rainbow of goldfish, see how seafood is served in a spread, and visit the largest fish market in the country! From inventing a flavor at Ben and Jerry's Headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, to the exotic flavors of India at Bombay Ice Cream in San Francisco. Put it in park and watch as Marc Summers reveals the history of the drive-in. In New Orleans see how jambalaya mix is made. Marc Summers takes an insidelook at the business of creating, buying and selling Food Memorabilia. Then, Bing Energy Drink offers up a cherry pick me up. Look at juice to find out what kinds of kick get added in. See how Blow Pops get big, watch a 45-LB monster sundae get whipped up, and get a bite of an oversized pizza pie. Bigger is better as host Marc Summers loads up on the biggest popcorn ball of them all, visits Big Bar in Chicago, samples Bonerts three-foot pie, Sayklly's Confectionary for turtle size chocolate snappys amd colossal treats from Cookietree Bakeries. The newest installment in our Candy Unwrapped series, this fills us in on the most delicious traditions of Valentine's day. Food Unwrapped Investigates. Then take a look at how Edible Arrangements creates a beautiful bouquet that's entirely edible and learn how to make the best Butterball of them all from the experts at Butterball U. Watch as key lime pies are cranked out in Key West. First, see how Sterno is made, visit a Freaky Food Lab with Dr. First up, Tabasco and Buffalo Wild Wings. Join host Marc Summers as he discovers the secrets behind a popular flavor - vanilla. And, ham it up in Seattle at Archie McPhee's bacon boutique! Later, Nature's Pride bakes enough bread for a million sandwiches every day, and see why Turkey Hill's ice cream sandwiches are doubly delicious. It first aired in June 2001 and is hosted by Marc Summers.The show leads viewers on tours of factories and other food-related locations. Then, we go to Zachary Confections to see how they make the distinctive autumn treat, Candy Corn! Who makes the best cinnamon rolls this side of Gramma--some think they come from a small but tasty bakery in New York City. Learn the secret behind Lime Sherbet and visit a man crazy for all things lime. Then, eat on the go, thanks to Thermos and discover the secret inside Carl's Jr. Visit the Nestle test kitchen where they are reinventing the chocolate chip cookie. Plus, trips to Hershey, PA, and Annabel Candy. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Get a super tart taste of sour specialties. Check out some sweets like Jordan Almonds, Cinnamon Hearts and Champagne truffles. 3. 18 Mar. Plus, discover far-out facts at the Dum Dum factory and slow down with Sugar Daddies. Plus, we'll get all red, white and blue over Hungry Jack, Starbucks, Little Debbie and Jack Daniels! ... 1 Series, 6 Episodes. Blue Bunny. Then, learn the tricks of the trade behind making Rascals and discover the special treatments pears get from Harry & David. Cupcakes used to be single-serving ... until Wilton came up with a way to make one cupcake serve 15 people! Tis the season as we join host Marc Summers for a full hour of Holiday Treats Unwrapped. Finally see how dry ice is created. Check out how soda is canned, and learn what makes pringles different. How safe is bacon? From ice cream to Kool-Aid, host Marc Summers cools us off with warm weather favorites. From beans to bar, explore the history of this sweet treat. Discover how cold cuts got their name, watch as paper plates are processed and see how hot dogs are prepared. Check out a company making krazy straws, a candy designed like a dog, see how tweety bird becomes a crunchy character, discover the secret behind hershey's Swoops and more! Finally, discover how Diamond toothpicks are carved out, Discover a restaurant serving up every flavor of cereal you can imagine and see how one NCAA fan is creating pasta shaped school logos. Join host Marc Summers to explore foods of a blue hue! A visit with the Food Network Kitchens and their executive chefs reveals the constant challenge of keeping eye-popping food a constant on the ever-growing network. Get your hands on the tools of the kitchen trade-everything that slices, dices and stores your favorite foods. And watch how twin pops or orange cream bars are made. Rise and shine, because in this episode of Unwrapped we explore LOAFING AROUND. Hit the trail with Marc Summers on an expedition to find treats to eat when you're roughin' it. Later, The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its sweets, but did you know their most popular dish is spicy? These stories and more frozen favorites on Unwrapped! People also watched. Pucker up! Say the secret password and enter a magical castle for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, visit a chef teaching the secrets behind amazing food phenomena, and crack open a bottle of soda performing a disappearing act. Watch as minty taffy is stretched to perfection, and see what gives mint chocolate chip ice cream its punch. Plus, why is soy in so many UK foods? And don't forget about limes! And find out the secrets to maple candy. All this and more on Kiddie Cravings Unwrapped. Featuring one Wrigley field's favorites, Tail of the Pup in LA, Tony Packo's Toledo restaurant;a ride in the Weinermobile and Coney Island's secret sauce. Then get a hook on Long John Silver's history, and even more! Sara Lee bakes up some adorable mini-buns, and Eat Yer Face lets you come face to face with a most unusual dessert!
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