Note to Hoover if the necessary guidance either in the booklet or as a short YouTube film had been available there would not be a need to call an engineer saving time and money both for me and the engineer. A cheap and classic 7kg capacity washer dryer, very good for individuals or couples. Manage your cookies here Sign up for AO deals, discount codes and tons more – including a mystery discount on your first order*. GB. It says you can do it online.So i did, during the process it keeps reminding you that you are not cover for this and that and to set up a direct debit for extra cover. My 6 month old Hoover oven broke down so I rang the customer service department. and HANG UP every single time i call and provide details to. At under £450, the Hoover WDXOC 496A-80 is one of the cheapest washer dryers we've tested. Hoover’s range of washing machines and dryers are designed with future generations in mind. Had the product about 3 weeks so take my review with a grain of salt. Our LG washer dryers are also a fantastic alternative, as are our Hotpoint washer dryers. Pros . After 4 calls & 3 hours on the phone in total we have got nowhere! Alan was professional in his explanation and enlightened me about ensuring that I understood how all the programmes and balance of clothes would ensure the results from the cycle that were needed to complete the wash. PLEASE CANCEL OUR SEERVICE WITH YOURSELVES AND TAKE BACK THIS AWFUL DEVICE FROM OUR PREMISES. I am sorry but i received my new Hoover RD1076JDUK washer dryer a few weeks ago and i hate it. I rang the Hoover helpline/ customer service as I’d had a washing machine delivered 14 days before and it wasn’t working properly, hoping to sort it out the lady was very very rude and told me that Even though the machine I’d bought was a 10KG machine the instructions manual on page 18 states that you cannot put more than 2.5 kg of washing on a daily wash, I told her that I’d needed to freshen up a child’s duvet cover and pillow case and she told me that it would be too heavy when wet for the machine, this is ludicrous a machine that hoover claim is 10KG cannot actually wash that weight of washing on any program except the cotton 5 hour one.When I tried to explain that the reason I bought the machine was because of the short 30 degree wash cycle, I was told that I should have read the specifications for the machine prior to purchase, I actually did do this and nothing was mentioned, I also told her that the machine was so noisy when the drum turned and spinning that it sounded like a police siren coming down the road, she was very unhelpful dismissive and rude to me, So much so that she had me in tears on the phone.It was so bad that I ended up going back to the retailer who I purchased from and they were very very helpful, they are replacing it with a non Hoover machine, thank goodness!I absolutely would NOT recommend a Hoover appliance and I certainly wouldn’t recommend contacting their customer service centre, the appliances are poor quality and the bad customer service they provide is absolutely shocking! They have failed. Very proffesional. Really good. Alan an engineer spent time today both explaining and running a test to ensure satisfaction. After yet another complaint they sent out an independent engineer , he said the machine needed a new electrical circuit board which he ordered, yet another engineer came to fit it, said it was now working and lo and behold 1st time I used it SAME PROBLEM ! First time ever I bought a Hoover. Love it. We bought the washing machine with auto dosing as it sounds like a great idea but it just does not work, the draw stays full and we were told we needed to write in and complain as the warranty doesn't cover it as it sounds as though it's working! Hoover WDWFT4138AH 13KG / 8KG 1400 Spin Washer Dryer review got a score of 8.4/10 from customer reviews. I hate my new Hoover RD1076JDUK. Updated June 23, 2020. Two weeks to fix a relatively new oven under warranty is terrible and will certainly put me off buying Hoover again! Choose from the latest mobile phones on It could not be repaired then, so the relevant parts were ordered. Test score % Reviewed May 2019. I have a couple of questions did the work experience lad design this vacuum who has never before operated one as he comes from Mars and didn't understand the brief? However I am now smiling as I've bought a Henry that does actually pick up dirt and won't buy another hoover vacuum ever again. Original review: Dec. 15, 2016. I bought a Freedom Pets vacuum cleaner in November 2019. Have a Hoover electric oven bought just over 12 months ago. The delivery drivers from AO need a special mention as they were fantastic! I have requested a replacement but apparently they need the report from the independent engineer before they can make a decision and seem unable to obtain it !!! Hoover AXI ATD C10TKEX-80 Review The Hoover AXI ATD C10TKEX-80 is a very fast tumble dryer but you pay with high running costs. This model stands out for being economical in terms of energy and water usage. The Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ vacuum is a cordless, small profile vacuum that is excellent for smaller homes or apartments, and features Hoover’s new “one battery for all devices” concept. Called 03444 995599 3 times now - 4th call i used 01685 721 222 ending up with sales team. he actually hung up on me! How is it we have been sending people into space for 50 yrs but cant design a simple vacuum cleaner that can pick up dirt from a shallow pile carpet and solid parquet floor. The tumbler is hot and is not spinning so how can this be user error! Users appreciate that it cleans and dries well with a compact design. The functions on the machine are very easy to set up and use, using the one touch app makes drying much more simpler as it enables a larger variety of drying times. And when you do get to the end and submit, a message will always appear saying 'something went wrong' and to call a number. He stated we would have a response within 48 hours from 4th August. Contacted Hoover on the 10th July 2020 to arrange an Engineer visit, this was arranged for 19th July. First time I tried to use it, it would not spray the cleaning solution out. Under £280 (4) £280 to £340 (4) £340 to £380 (4) £380 to £390 (3) £390 and above (5) Brand. “Never buy Hoover” Written on: 11/04/2016 by 122Grant (1 review written) Never ever buy a Hoover Candy this machine purchased 2yrs ago has had 10 engineers out seven pumps 5 programmers engineer has ripped my Lino and flooded kitchen as broke pipe during repair and didn't tell, have never had more than 3 months without a repair and takes 2 weeks to come, never gas parts so another 2 … You need to tick this box before you can register. Do not buy Hoover always go for Hotpoint . After all of that long holding, I have to do this all over again. Compare. The only good thing about it is it's extra long electrical cable - Everything else is as good as a chocolate fireguard - It is difficult to move - the swivel head is terrible - You can not go from hoovering flat carpet to cleaning top corners of a wall without almost dismantling the whole unit just to fit a cleaning hose - which yes it is long - but what a difficult and stupid way to have to fit together - takes ages to fit - This is no way to work when cleaning a home. Washer Dryers (82) Price. Credit is provided by NewDay Ltd, 7 Handyside Street, London, N1C 4DA. When it comes to cleaning it rolls fluff around the carpets until you physically pick it up with your hand. Clearly lying and discriminating aganist us. Price: £549 | Buy now from … Washer/ dryer terrible customer service I purchased a hoover washer dryer and was happy with it until whilst still under warranty the dryer stopped working, it was not getting hot ! Find out if it's worth it in our full review. very polite gentleman who did what he could to assist. !I am soooo p******d off with this company, I will never buy another hoover product and certainly would never recommend them . purchased 2 tumble dryers one house is rented out, the candy gsvc9tg model condensing tumble dryer it’s rubbish, one overheats clothes were very very hot (scary) after drying, and the other decided not to go after 3 weeks flashing e21 we did all that your suppose to do when e21 shows but still no good and mainly the build of it is tacky cheep i made a mistake going for the cheapest that’s for sure. Tumble dryer leaves clothes soft and uncreased. For each complaint, 18 other people are told what has happened. I’m a frontline worker & need my clothes sterile. Test score % Reviewed Mar 2020. Bosch Series 4 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. the washing machine was almost £500 and is useless. No details of the time, and we were supposed to be priority in our circumstance. NO HEAT TO THE DRYER!! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS APALLING !!! Quiet to run. Should I buy a washer dryer combo? 5 STARS FOR SAM - ONE FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! We are truly appalled by the lack or service and courtesy shown by Hoover. This is great, especially when you dig into the detail of … discover more. I truly hope you didn't employ the work experience boy as I really don't think engineering is his forte. Do not buy a Hoover Dynamic DWOAD 610AHC8 WIFI - enabled 10KG 1600 spin. The only way to test this would be for the engineer to stick around for 20 washes which they just won't do. Explore our Hoover WDXOA4106HC 10KG / 6KG 1400 Spin Washer Dryer White reviews, scoring an amazing 9.2 / 10 in our review. I was claiming on my warranty of the vacuum battery which has 3 year warranty. Buy it cheap too with deals from £504.99. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, AWFUL SERVICE, AWFUL EXPERIENCE, AWFUL REVIEW. Sadly it seems to be a sign of the times that the bigger the name the worse their respectability. This is causing me great difficulty. Delivery guys very helpful too. Freestanding White. Terms apply. Editorial Director Even though I have the receipt and warranty didn’t expired (it’s been only 3 month since I bought), they said they can’t send a new battery because it might be a charger problem. Read our detailed review of the Hoover HBWD7514DA including comparison of features, user feedback and awards. The registration for the free 10year guarantee is a sales plot! After constantly calling customer service to let them know, they gave me the run around and said I just had to wait Finally was able to bring there and service center said they can’t repair and I need to send back/contact customer service. We ordered a vacuum (over 200$) from their company site. A good washer-dryer combo is one of the best 2-in-1 appliances designed to make your life that little bit easier. Just wear them in the bath... its cheaper. Compare the cheapest UK prices. The service was excellent. Our site uses cookies to give you the best experience. After holding on for 45 minutes they told me the earliest they could send an engineer was 8 days. The Dryer has … Aside from that, so far so good. Our review scores above have been developed using a range of data sources, from customer reviews, price comparisons and expert reviews, all collated in order to give you a good as possible indication on whether Hoover Dynamic Next WDXOA496C Free Standing Washer Dryer is right for you. When you start to hoover there is an horrific click as you flex the head like you are breaking a branch of a 80 Yr old oak tree. Move the hoover another 6 inches either way to find it's spat it out like a jack Russel dog digging a hole. Bosch has put together a smart, efficient design that … Simple to use and good selection of washing and drying cycles. Awful company Awful company. I therefore emailed David Meyerowitz, the Chie Executive Officer, about our situation. Great service received from Hoover WDWOA496HC. !I have complained yet again that after 4 engineer visits, numerous phone calls and SEVERAL WEEKS I still have a broken machine!!! The washer/dryer set I use has been very useful. Follow up calls were made by my wife and I on the 13th,21st,25th,29th July and the 1st August. discover more. Moving onto hard floors as you go over bits you think it's picking up the dirt. £349.99. A solid choice in a combo-washer dryer that is very energy efficient. Best Hoover Washer Dryer Reviews and Deals (82) Filter. Find best deals and buying advice from consumers on Hoover Tumble Dryers from Reevoo UK ... Tumble Dryers (89) Price. In July 2020 the powered brush head stopped working but since it was still under warranty I thought there’d be no problem getting it fixed. I eventually got through to the right department who, after asking my run through some tests, decided that the brush head was in fact a ‘consumable’ and asked me for £48 for a replacement! Category. Hoover WDXOC485A-⁠80. Washing machine cleans well. We had an engineer out to fix our washer this morning. ... Hoover HBWD7514DA Integrated Washer Dryer Review. Easy to use and looks smart, I agree to AO Retail Ltd sending me marketing messages to my email address, Sorry, there was a problem please try again later. Purchased a Hoover Velocity Evo Reach machine in April - So I have tried to give it a good go - But now it has to go!! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, Very impressed with my new washer dryer. However I would be happy to become a product tester who would give you a honest review rather than the clueless fools you have used in the past leading you to market this piece of rat poo! with sole shareholder, company to management and coordination activity of Candy S.p.A., registered office: Via Comolli, 16 - 20861 Brugherio (MB) - Italy, corporate capital € 30,000,000.00 fully paid up, Italian tax code and registration number with Monza e Brianza Companies Register 04666310158, VAT IT00786860965 Choose from the latest mobile phones on, is operated by AO Retail Limited, registered in England with company number 03914998 whose registered office is at 5a, The Parklands, Lostock, Bolton, BL6 4SD, The goods you buy from this site will be purchased from AO Retail Limited. Fastest tumble dryer. Key Features. 8016361941243 7472844 7472844. No signs of my parts no returned calls as promised. Also nice follow up call from another lady who's name I can't remember. I don't think anyone will have the courtesy to contact us about this. Under £210 (4) £210 to £230 (4) £230 to £250 (6) £250 to £300 (7) £300 and above (6) Brand. Disgraceful ! Hoover Dynamic Next WDXOA496C 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - White / Chrome - A Rated . Although the washing is fine its is the dreadful noise every 17 seconds from the tumble dryer. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! the reply was from a correspondence team, not even Customer Care/Support. Much quieter than both of them which is good as some reviews said it was noisy. Read all reviews for Hoover WDWFT4138AH 13KG / 8KG 1400 Spin Washer Dryer now and buy at £824.99. Reviews of Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer. I finally ooured the water on my floor and used the machine to suck up the water, which recovered maybe a third of the water, used towels to soak up rest if water. Hoover’s outrageous interpretation of their own warranty. AVOID THIS COMPANY they discrminate aganist customers do not reply to customer. Here is my review. all-in-one washing. We wished to know when the part came in, what is their Service Level Agreement, how does the SLA relate to ourselves . good value machine. This shampooer is a total waste of money and if I could give it 0 stars, I would. Head over to Mobile Phones Direct for our amazing pay-monthly deals. Test score % Reviewed Sep 2019. The team that worked on this review . Hold your horses. All we got was a token apology and that an appointment had been booked for 24/08/2020 for the repair to be done. He resolved the problem got me an engineer booked and made up for what was a very stressful situation. You will have seen at the start, that Hoover Dynamic Next Advance WDXOA4106 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer scored 8.4 out of 10 overall from 15 customer reviews at Whether you want to go for classic white, stylish black or sleek and modern silver, our Indesit washer dryers come in a great range of shades. NewDay Ltd and AO Retail Limited are each authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. AO Retail Limited acts as a credit broker for NewDay Ltd on an exclusive basis and is not a lender. Turns out he was in sales team. instead they insist on us the customer as refusing them access which is utter complete lies who wants a unsafe cooker to be told by THEIR OWN engineer that the wires keep burning out and shorting circuit THIS IS DANGEROUS yet we've been ignored. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I bought the Hoover washer/dryer in Jan 2007, had nothing but trouble with it &, when the guarantee had run out & Hoover customer service didn't want to know me, the local machine repair … Do Hoover not realise a complaint is a Negative against the business, they have a chance to change this to a positive. Product Review: The Hoover WDXOC485A-80 is a freestanding washer-dryer that can wash up to 8kg and dry up to 5kg. And as well as tidy he was very friendly. which i think goes straight to thier sales team to sell you the extra cover. They appear to have no stage process to correctly resolve a complaint. Hoover washer-dryer reviews. It has good energy efficiency with an A rating, and it has great performance too with an A rating in wash, spin and dry. I think the customer service is appalling and so is the flaming tumbler, quick to take the money but can`t be bothered to help with the thing, i shall never buy anything again from this company, I am an 82 year old lady who just required a bit of information or advice on what would be wrong with it but got neither!! I repositioned the clean water tank, as per instructions, several times, and nothing. Freestanding White. Washer dryer combos are a great option for inner-city living, where small apartments mean every square centimetre counts, long days at the office make coming home to clean laundry that's already dry a welcome relief, and small one or two person households means the smallish (compared to a standalone appliance) dryer capacity limit probably won't be an … I mistakenly thought that a company with their history and reputation would honour its own warranty. Just ordered a new seal for my dryer from Viki in Parts and she was brilliant and went out of her way to help me. Generation Future. I hope I have brought a smile to you face with this complaint In these dreary times. we pay for insurance and have had no functional cooker for over 1 month. These are known statistics relating to customer complaints. My only criticism would be more drying time options on the machine itself rather than through the app. Thankyou Mark. So 4 weeks ago I called them out. Appalling service . We are still awaiting that response ! Customer Reviews — Hoover H-WASH 300 Integrated 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - White / Chrome - A Rated ... First time I've had a combined washer dryer rather than seperate appliances. I will avoid Hoover at all costs from now on. “I bought the Hoover washer/dryer in Jan 2007, had...” Written on: 01/02/2011. John Lewis JLWD1614: Best midrange washer dryer for small families. He advised that at 30 days we are entitled to a new machine. and said it will be another week before he can return and fix it. Hoover HBWD8514DC Integrated Washer Dryer Review: Quality . 3 reviews. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, Terrible customer service. In the main I use just two cycles but I’m working my way through the manual as we speak ! The hose is cumbersome and dangles in the way. Hoover (82) Construction. The points we had raised were also not fully answered. It washes well and dries well, better than my standalone dryer previously. Tumble Dryer and Terrible Customer Service. I purchased a hoover washer dryer and was happy with it until whilst still under warranty the dryer stopped working, it was not getting hot !I have now had 4 different engineers out who have found different faults as to why there was no heat getting to the dryer, apart from 1 who simply plugged some sort of tester in and told me there was NO FAULT which there clearly was !!! Hoover Dynamic Next WDXOA496C 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - White / Chrome - A Rated, 9kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households, Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes, Hygiene+ and 90 degree cycles help kill germs, Control your appliance with an Android smartphone app, Need help? We're online now to answer your question. Having what I thought to be a problem with a brand new Hoover washing machine. I then sent another email to this team on the 17th August asking for certain points to be answered. I am writing this review just incase anyone else is thinking of buying one of these dryers as for me personally it is USELESS along with customer service! Please understand its not being on hold that is my issue it is the horrendously rude and arrogant attitude of some of your repsfirst person - young lady who was v helpful and i needed to get further info and call back 2nd person - James ( i think ) v unhelpful could not be less interested in my call and rudely told me if i didnt have a receipt i wouldn't get a service engineer out 3rd person (17 minutes on hold) David even less interested if that was possible - when i said ii didt need the insurance cover he was trying to sell me as I knew the machine was faulty and only 3 months old so vovered by warranty he said i will get the last person you spoke to to call you and hung up! A further call was made on the 3rd August, the adviser again saying the part is in Italy, but we just need the one in the UK! The battery for the Blade+ works in any of Hoover’s ONEPWR devices, including carpet … complaint via email sent on the 12th of october reply received on the 12th promising a phonecall in 48hrs ive had none nor any REPLY TO MY EMAILS. So far it seems better than our previous separate washing machine & tumble dryer. I purchased a one touch tumble dryer 18th May and its now 9th September 2020 and the thing is not working, i spoke to Hoover customer service who are as useful as the tumbler itself and even though its still under warranty they told me that if it was a user error then i would have to pay £64.50p call out fee, if it was user error then im sure i would have remembered what I did!!!!! The clock/timer recently stopped working. This is the worst company we have insurance for clearly they do not understand how to treat customers.They have left a 72 elderly person without a functional cooker for 1 month and have the cheek to blame us, if you CANCEL A VISIT ON THE SAME DAY WHY SHOULD CUSTOMERS WAIT 7-10 DAYS FOR A RE-VISIT THIS is beyond words. Latest Hoover Tumble Dryer reviews, ratings from genuine shoppers. Not good. Hoover (89) Type of dryer. No need for rudeness eh? Quiet, lots of suitable programmes for my laundry needs. Typical price. £400.00. Read 1 more review about Hoover Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore M.H. There is no reply as today 20th August. The unit itself is heavy and uncontrolled. Katie Reseburg . We've been testing washers and dryers in our labs for years, resulting in this list of the best washer and dryer sets. View retailer > I’ve talked to the person from customer service. When I expressed my disbelief the adviser afforded to let me have it the special price of £35. It arrived damaged -the front cover over bag area was completely cracked and bent). Read 1 more review about Hoover Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Nick Epps 3 reviews. currys exchanged one we got a becko 100 pound more but it’s very good atm i’m on the phone again right now, about the other one again, been waiting for 44 mins up to now good job we get free call mins now days.. CASE REF; #242D1BPAwful service. Big mistake the panel is damaged & the rubber had a split in the crease . or continue shopping if you're happy. Credit is available only to UK residents aged 18 and over. Pleased so far. Hoover WDWOAD4106AHC. We bought a new Condensing Tumble Dryer in March 2019. Easy to use and looks great in my kitchen, Great product. Candy Hoover Group S.r.l. Customer Reviews — Hoover Dynamic Next 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White / Chrome - A Rated. Hoover washer dryers offer high performance in terms of efficiency and capacity (up to 13 kg washing capacity and 8 kg drying capacity). Customer Reviews — Hoover H-WASH 300 Integrated 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - White / Chrome - A Rated. I then asked for a loan machine or replacement, he said he would Escalate the case to Resolutions. £449.00. Why I needed to speak to the other person i have no clue Truly the worst service i have ever received4th person - (sam 13 minutes on hold ) i asked to speak to a manager immediately . HORRIBLE customer service. Hoover WDYN9646P (Washer Dryer Combo): 1.3 out of 5 stars from 3 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Be sure to check our Hoover washer dryers too. Compare. First calls just seemed to want to sell a warranty plan ! Really pleased with the washer dryer . PLEASE AVOID PEOPLE. The one time i had the misfortunate of calling i was chuckled at on the phone by the worst caller handler called Leanne ive ever had the misfortunte of spweaking to. The Hoover HBWD 8514D-80 washer dryer is fully integrated, and has a 9kg wash capacity and 5kg dry capacity. Decided to buy myself a new washing machine April as mine broke . Hoover HBWD8514DC Integrated Washer Dryer scored highly in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Built-in Washer Dryers category. Typical price. Sensor dryers usually have more programmes, allowing you to set the most suitable setting for whatever you’re drying. ... Hoover DXC8DE-80 Review (Score: 78/100) 9. His name was Mark.and he came to our house on a very courtiouse manner. Genuine Hoover parts, filters, and vacuum cleaner accessories shipped direct to you. Brand new washing machine Having what I thought to be a problem…, Hoover Velocity Evo Reach - Stay clear of this model. Vacuum cleaners from Hoover featuring the best new and reconditioned models, including powerful upright vacuums, easy to use canister style vacuums, deep cleaning carpet cleaners, and specialty hard surface vacuums. Thank you. I've returned my hoover h upright 500 to argos today for a full refund. He was on time. Further response advised the part was in Italy and we would be notified as a matter of priority for an appointment on it's anticipated arrival. Since this happened in the beginning of our states Covid shut down , all were closed. After calling numerous times, I was told I could not get refund or new one even though it was never used and I had to bring it to get repairs at one of their repair centers. It's only 2 months old!!! My old machine had a rapid wash and dry programme , this one has to be programmed separately, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually! . Do not buy this version of the washing machine unless you want to wash your clothes in hot water only. He came today without any parts (?) £429 ... Had the product about 3 weeks so take my review with a grain of salt. Thanks for signing up. 10/10, Appalling service from Hoover . Now you can wash a full load of different colours and fabrics with perfect results in under an hour. Subject to status. Mrs Hemus. Now you’ll get all our best deals sent straight to your inbox. Agitator controls make using this washer a breeze. They suggest try to charge again and if it still won’t work, call again. Fuming & still no response £500 wasted. Although we still don’t recommend buying a washer-dryer combo, if you must get one we stand by our pick, the LG WM3488HW. Freestanding White. After 15/16 months it failed. I have purchased many, many Hoover floor cleaners - but his one is not fit for purpose, so I will have to think twice before buying Hoover products again! Cooker has failed multiple times in the last 11months, engineer actually reccommended we lower the cooker position by removing the kitchen wall, appointment cancelled on the day by engineer and we was informed no further appointments for another ten days, ive complained to their helpdesk email and promised a phone call back from a manager ITS NOW BEEN 8 DAYS. He couldn’t explain how an essential part of the machine could be classed as a consumable.I’m retired now so Hoover has been a household name all my life. Many of the best dryers will offer cycles such as anti-crease, express drying, and sanitary settings, and they’ll be compatible with the best front load washers or even the best top load washing machines you can buy, so you can opt for a matching set or at least choose a model of roughly the same size and dimensions.. bought a Hoover Powerdash Pet carpet shampooer. Thanks for not taking my complaint seriously when I emailed you a few times previously regarding the troublesome rubbish.
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