Thank you for your help and they did love so is a win but if wanted chicken soup would make easier on myself. This recipe is a keeper. Next time I may try a little coconut cream. Everyone’s tastes are different, but this is an excellent base soup. The cream adds a richness that you’re not always looking for so it’s great to have this option. I think that’s what was done in the ‘olden days’ anyway, and how you improve your own cooking skills. Long story short: I am now enjoying some exceptionally tasty potato-leek soup on a rainy afternoon. With that change, the soup is very tasty and satisfying. Hi Dale, Glad you liked the soup! Personally, I couldn’t stand the thyme and bay leaf flavors in the soup. Amazing and simple. I guess it smelled so good in the crockpot that people started eating it before lunch. Leek and potato soup can be a great source of vitamin B6, which boosts your metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates and proteins. I definitely recommend this recipe. This was a lovely, comforting soup on a cold day. At about 1/4 cup (maybe less), I had hit exactly the right note. Mine tasted just like the one in the picture. Thanks so much for the suggestion about freezing .. I was out of bone broth but made veggie stock from frozen scraps instead and still loved the soup. This soup was so easy to prepare. This is such an easy but delicious dish i’ll Be adding to my go to! It’s lighter, and as tasty as the traditional version. I have discovered the Knorr Homestyle Stock. I made this for a soup party to give the really picky eaters in our family an option that didn’t involve chunks of things floating in broth. Being a novice cook, I really appreciated the step-by-step photos of how to make this delicious (!) I followed your seasoning recommendations (what I was really researching for) but… I did something a bit different with the “large” ingredients. Lol. I use organic, free range chicken broth, generally from Trader Joe’s as it’s reasonably priced. Stay tuned! I’m guessing, perhaps, that the reviewer below is a new cook and that is the reason she in unaware as to why unsalted butter is recommended. We followed the recipe right up until the blending-decided it would be great without it, whole family of picky eaters loved it! It has quickly become a family favourite. You listed chicken stock in the recipe, but the picture shown is chicken broth. Thank you for sharing! 1 tsp? (Alternatively, use a standard blender to purée the soup in batches; see note.) Thx. My immersion blender (Cuisinart) was not up to the task, however. He added bacon bits and a little more black pepper and ate it as a meal. Could even have added a few more. If I make it the night before, what is he best way to heat it up the next day (my office only has microwaves and not a stovetop)? I also didn’t have fresh thyme so I tried to use some dried thyme. Looking forward to making it again. My leeks are enormous…got 4 cps from less than two…Is that enough or should I keep on slicing? (I just use whatever is closer at hand when I am starting a recipe.) Excellent- added 5 pieces of bacon- perfect. of potatoes… how many cups of 1/2″ chopped potatoes does this equal? Yes and yes – I think both will work just fine. I have make it several times and it has never disappointed. This recipe is perfection. It was excellent !!!! This Americanized soup is a version of … Just an update. And, there is plenty left over for more meals! This year, I’m bringing it for Thanksgiving. I have frozen this soup with the heavy cream in single batches. The family loves this recipe too, thank you for sharing it. My daughter and son-in-law don’t like soup but this changed their minds – they were bummed it didn’t make more. Useful quick recipe for rank amateur cook. I made this tonight and it was lovely! If you’d like to freeze it, wait until you defrost it to add the cream. I love your recipes and I have shared your website with friends! The immersion blender did a good job getting everything puréed but I did get some small chunks with the potato skin and pancetta (vs totally smooth) which was fine with me and my family. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I made a 1/2 recipe of this and it turned out great. Bravo! To keep it a bit chunky, pulled out about half of the potatoes/leeks with a strainer and added with cream to the blender. Freeze half and enjoy the rest on another chilly day. Absolutely delicious! Beautiful flavoured soup. This recipe is great and (believe it or not) slightly healthier than hers. I used half of everything because I’m single and modified it by stretching a cup of chicken stock with water, a smoked turkey neck, and a few veggies I had lying around. Sure Dolores, the soup can be frozen; just add the heavy cream when you’re reheating the soup. I had always used the recipe in my joy of cooking, but since I love your recipes so much, I decided to try this one out. Very yummy soup! I tried this soup since leeks were on sale at my local store for 77 cents. This is my son’s absolute favorite soup. Everyone wanted the recipe. Made your soup this past weekend and it turned out so fab! Lucky for me, my husband Jack makes a delicious homemade Potato Leek Soup. It’s a cold and rainy night here in northern CA and decided on making this soup since I had all the ingredients. Amazing! Velvety smooth with wonderful flavor. I made it this afternoon to serve with dinner, but we decided to “have just a taste”, and two bowls later….. Will it keep in the refrig for two days or so? Growing up we always had it with some chunks of potatoes and leeks for texture. I’ve never yielded 2 entire cups from one individual leek. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and this wonderful, gluten free potato leek soup has become my substitute white sauce! I only made it because my sister gave me a bunch of leftover leeks. This is the best potato leek soup I have ever made! Sure, Bobbi – you can make it several days ahead if you like and reheat. We’ve done this twice now with leftover soup. We had sprouted leek seeds (those were new to me, ty farmers’ market!) This soup is delicious and my family loved it. The soup is also freezer-friendly – meaning it is the perfect way to preserve some of our homegrown harvest, while simultaneously stocking the freezer with nourishing pre-made meals for seasons to come. Great website but kill the music video! Thanks, Mandy. Hi Laura, If you’re going to purée everything together, you can go ahead and just add it with the potatoes. Jenn’s recipes are amazing and already perfected and I feel bad stretching this one as much as I did, but it turned out really great. Thank you very much for this delicious recipe . It makes for a perfect meal! Your instructions and photos make it all seem not such a mystery of “junk ends” thrown in a pot. But, since I never make anything without tweaking it a little bit, I did the following: While some people enjoy creamed soups, I generally cook without dairy, so I added just under a quarter of a cup of cream and felt that that was more than plenty. I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with all of us. I made it last night and it got rave reviews from my family! Thank you. I will make this soup often!! Yes, this soup freezes nicely, but I’d wait until you’re reheating it to add the cream. And, thanks for taking the time to answer. I always have the utmost confidence that a recipe you post will turn out amazing!! Can’t wait til April! I think the smooth creaminess with some surprise bits of leeks and potatoes was magical. Added bacon bits for that added kick and topped with homemade crunchy croutons. Hi Steve, I’m guessing 4 cups of chopped leeks would be 3/4 to 1 lb. Fun to use bay and thyme and garlic from my own yard and garden. I made a couple of adjustments: used homemade soup stock and dried thyme instead of fresh, added a splash of dry sparkling white wine (Brut) to the soup pot and deglazed the frying pan with it too. The BEST soup ever! First time making this and family loved It. Hope you enjoy the soup if you make it! Made this delicious, rich soup on an early November afternoon. I think I’ve sent this recipe to everyone in my family – I can’t recommend it enough! Hi Marty, You can, but it won’t be as good and creamy :). Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. Thanks! Now, I’m cooking for my family and sharing all my tested & perfected recipes with you here! The flavours are so delicate and lovely. This has been my favorite potato leek soup recipe. Of course if one really wants to ramp it up, use bacon grease to saute the leeks and garlic! My husband brought home 4 huge leeks so I actually only used one bec after I washed & chopped it came to 4 cups. And I was such a proud mama! I first learned to make it by watching Juila Child. I put two bowls without cream in the freezer. It was a big hit! I finish it off with cheese, chives and crumbled bacon on top! Leftovers are even better. Will do it many times over. Yes, you can still freeze it; the cream may separate from the soup a little when it thaws, but just stir it well to recombine. I can even sneak the leeks past my bf! Thank you! Best soup I have ever made. I added some fresh celery leaves and used herbs de Provence, a pinch of rosemary, and a pinch of sage. The soup is perfect on a cold rainy day. I always ordered his Potato Leek soup when he made it and it was nothing short of splendid and out-of-this world delicious. We have sent you an activation link, Sara B. Everyone in the family said it’s a keeper. Wanted to let us salt to our own preference. Sure, Susan – but I’d wait to add the cream until reheating. Not to thick or too thin. Wouldn’t change anything else about it! My husband and MIL likes to add shredded cheese of any kind to it and I always make garlic butter sesame toast to go with it. I can not adequately express how happy I am with this recipe. Made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, had been concerned that this soup would be bland. I’ve noticed in some of the pictures of soup recipes you are using a Dutch oven, and others a stock pot. I’m currently working on a vegan soda bread recipe and wanted a traditional Irish soup to serve with it! Thank you! Today was the perfect chilly, rainy day for soup. Excellent recipe! This recipe is definitely a keeper. We had a potato leek soup at our rehearsal dinner. Store was out of chives, so I minced some green onions and added to the bowl. Just curious to ask, how does your Le Creuset fare with the stick blender in your photo above? To spice things up, I added red pepper flakes and a few more garlic cloves. Its easy to make and delicious! this looks great and want to make it ahead but not freeze. Cook stirring, until thickened. This leek and potato soup is vegan, but it doesn’t have to be! Quick, easy and great for a cold winters night. Thank you thank you. I followed the recipe exactly, except I only had dried thyme, which was great, too. I’ve been craving Vichyssoise like mom makes. (Other markets may also sell). Delicious! This soup is fantastic as written. I did let it cool completely in the fridge in 16 oz. This one is definitely on my top 5 favorite soup list! I’ve made ‘as is’ and it’s delicious, but tonight I added onion, celery, spinach and zucchini with the leeks. Garnished it with chives and crumbled bacon. Hi Deborah, I think this tastes great on the first day, but the flavors will have a bit more time to meld if eaten on the second day. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large pan on a high heat, add all the chopped and sliced ingredients and cook with the lid ajar for 10 minutes, or until softened, stirring regularly. Potato and leek soup Nothing hits the spot like a nice warm bowl of potato and leek soup on a chilly evening! I’m relieved to know that I can freeze it even with the cream added in. I made it last night and it went out so tasty, even though I’m not a good cook. . magazine. So good! Perfection! I used fat free half and half instead of heavy cream…I just couldn’t do it. Yes, feel free to make it ahead and refrigerate. I think the Yukon potatoes are the very best to use in this recipe. I substituted 1/2 cup of milk mixed with 1/2 cup of half &half instead of heavy cream and it was just as tasty and a little lighter. I love this version. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. This soup is phenomenal! Added a splash of lemon juice at the end…heavenly! You can sauté the mushrooms and add them at the very end. It is perfect! The soup came out fantastic and the entire house smelled delicious. I made it for a potluck at work today and 6 different co-workers asked me for the recipe. A cup? I happen to have 5 lbs of them on hand… I so want to make this for dinner tonight! This one is a keeper! Can’t wait to try it. The ingredients call for broth but the directions say stock. This particular leek and potato soup comes with a twist. I tried that 3 times – recipe button takes you to “Reviews.”. Will be making again and again. Very easy to make and so delicious and flavorful! Try our nutritious recipe packed with flavour and fresh locally sourced ingredients. And I decided to use white pepper instead of black. But, I have made the recipe a number of times and it is great as written. And the veggies are cooked until tender, but left to their nice chunky texture. This soup is absolutely delicious. The soup tasted so good that my very picky 3 and 2 year old kids gobbled it up. Just made.. I’ve always enjoyed potato leek soup, but never made it. So simple to make. Delicious! Looking forward to your cookbook. It was delicious! I didn’t have thyme whole leaves so I just used organic chopped thyme and sprinkled that in. Otherwise you might have to add an onion or some shallots so the soup doesn’t turn out bland. Hope you enjoy! I hope this helps. Rather than add the cream I drizzled it on each bowl as a garnish. A quick, thick Spanish omelette that's a brilliant way to use up leftover potatoes and cheese with eggs 22 mins . Recipe was perfect. This soup is great served chilled too – one for when the weather warms up. I wouldn’t change a thing! This one is fabulous! thanks, Carol. This recipe was easy, fail proof and tastes amazing. I made the recipe as written, using homemade turkey stock leftover from Thanksgiving. I absolutely love this recipe. They are medium waxy with thin skin and make. Enjoy! I’m also thinking about all the things I can do with this recipe. Add leeks and diced onion along with butter and oil. Very good for a hot summer night dinner. We all loved it. This will def be my go-to for potato leek soup! I topped it with some chives along with a little white cheddar and crumbled bacon. It’s that good. Thank you for a great recipe. My picky wife loved it, which means an automatic five stars. Wow! Now a family favourite! I absolutely loved this recipe! I followed the recipe exactly with the exception of the chives. I’m still trying to find one of Jenn’s recipes that isn’t a 5 star! I had no white wine on hand, so I added white wine vinegar capful by capful. Outstanding. For a little twist, I start my soup by cooking diced bacon until crispy (reserve some to top the soup before serving), drain most of the grease and then add the leeks. Season with salt and pepper, then cover and let the vegetables sweat over a very low heat for about 15 minutes. You have once again proven that your recipes are idiot proof. I used dry thyme, no cream, less veg broth and added a touch of dill, something that the chef at the Inn at Terra Cotta in Ontario, Canada did in his version of the soup and I loved it. My family of four kept eating until it was all gone! Big thank you. wow! I will make this often. I have your book but it didn’t have this recipe in it. Thanks for ur quick reply. Mashed the potatoes with a spoon for a less smooth soup. We have a new cast iron pot and scared to use the stick blender for the soup! Also used my own homemade chicken broth. In a large, thick-based saucepan, gently melt the butter, then add the leeks, onions and potatoes, stirring them all round with a wooden spoon so they get a nice coating of butter. Made it and shared with the family and WOW it was a hit!!! This is my favorite soup recipe, so easy and so good. Best I ever made. I didn’t quite have enough leeks, so I used one shallot in place of one leek. Two thumbs up. Very quick & easy! Yum! 2nd time making this recipe and I feel like a rockstar! Fish out the thyme sprig and bay leaves, then purée the soup with a hand-held immersion blender until smooth. I did substitute half ‘n half for the heavy cream and reduced the stock to 6 cups, but other than using the addition of white pepper in the final seasoning, it is just a perfect recipe! Life is good! I had some smoked salmon which I placed on the bottom of the bowl, poured the soup over and topped with fresh dill. Nice, thanks for the recipe! Delicious! Yum. Like a soup you’d be served in a 5 star restaurant in fancy china. Went the veggie stock route. Topped with some fresh chives and a chive flower from the garden…complimented the soup fantastically! Surprised it came from Once Upon a Chef. I made this for my lunch and it was wonderful! I used veggie broth to make it vegetarian. This is an excellent recipe! I’ve also sent a picture of the recipe to my daughter and insisted that she give it a try. A French classic, this creamy potato leek soup is quick, easy, and delicious! Definitely will make again. The heat is adjusted so they do not brown. I’ve made your Key Lime pie several times. Great flavor, and my guests are always impressed! I just made this soup for the first time using this recipe and it exceeded my expectations! Homemade chicken broth intensifies every recipe you use it in. Excellent. Delicious! Glad you like it. It ended up being a little too thyme-y for me. Am curious how making soup in it differs from cooking on the stovetop. The only thing I do a little differently, that’s strictly a matter of my taste, is to add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to the top of my bowl with the green onions and a little shredded sharp cheddar right before serving. Definitely making again! Hi Kerry, it won’t have huge impact on the recipe, but when you puree the soup, you may get little pieces of skin that don’t break up. I’ll definitely make it again and again! I used homemade chicken broth concentrate and Idaho potatoes plus an extra yellow onion in my recipe. containers prior to freezing and then reheated gently. I don’t have an immersion blender so i blended my batches in Ninja bullet. Just wondering is the 420 calories for all 6 servings or just for 1 serving? I have made it twice now and everyone loves it. Keeper for sure! I have a quick tip for people who want to save some time. Thank you for all of your fabulous recipes, Jenn. [email protected]. I was surprised at how much soup it made. We talked about varying it by adding ham, or corn and chicken or bacon bits with some potato chunks. There is none left. If soup is too thin, simmer until thickened. I tasted it prior and felt that it was delicious even without the cream. It’s the perfect mix of the two main ingredients. I used fresh leeks from the garden and it was delicious. Awesome recipe for picky kids because after it is blended they don’t see the leeks in it. Excellent, soup. Delicious, reminds me of my nana’s. Then add the potatoes, cauliflower, and chicken broth, cover, and simmer until the vegetables are tender. I added shallot and topped with crispy, crumbled bacon!! My family loves it. I add 6-8 sprigs of fresh thyme, but I tie them together with butcher’s twine. I simmered for at least 30 minutes after adding half and half. However, this year we receive leeks from our CSA share, so I decided to try your recipe. Will this present a problem? Yum! It came out so smooth and was packed with flavour. I found it very bland, had to add onion powder, garlic powder, salt and shredded cheese…. This is delicious! Love all the vegetarian recipes that you post :). Do you think coconut cream would work in place of the heavy cream? Well, I made this soup tonight (with chicken broth) and my husband loved it! I will definitely make this soup again! Soup+crab cake+parmesan, pepper shortbread on the side, and a glass of wine. Everyone absolutely raved. Thank u for sharing it! I don’t change a thing. I had 8 cups left over which I froze in batches. To make it healthier and have something a little different I add broccoli on the next day. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lower heat and cover pot with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes, or until potatoes are tender and easily speared by a fork. I like to add a pinch of crumbled bacon and cheddar cheese to the top. You could even add in a few extra spices and some pan-fried chicken breast next time to transform this into a hearty dinner. Can’t wait to make it again!!! The flavor is fantastic if you follow the directions. I love this one in the fall when leeks are coming out of the garden. I usually put in dried thyme and it also works fine. Love the added texture. My daughter, who is a vegetarian, loves this soup. I added a splash of white balsamic for an “acid” and thought that really upped all of the flavors. Cover and turn the heat down to low. (If using a standard blender, be sure not to fill the jar more than halfway; leave the hole in the lid open and cover loosely with a dishtowel to allow the heat to escape.). Happy holidays. I have made many potato leek soups before, which were just eh. Hi Nicci, Yes but I would taste it first before adding it; you may find that you’re happy with it as is. Hi Michelle, Unfortunately, you real need one or the other to purée the soup. Once the leeks are clean, roughly chop them — you should get about five cups of chopped leeks from four large leeks. The easiest way to make a simple potato and leek soup is to use the freshest ingredients possible, nothing frozen, because you’ll get the best flavor that way. I like to puree about half of the potatoes, so there are still some potato chunks in the final soup. Was trying to approximate the Cream of Leak soup of my childhood, which, no doubt, came out of a packet. Really, really good. I always make extra, freeze it and reheat on stove top. I’m definitely bookmarking this one! We tried this recipe and it turned out wonderful! A touch of smoked paprika to the bowl when served was heavenly. I can’t wait to make it . Fish out the bay leaves and thyme sprigs. How about adding blue cheese to your soup, like in this potato, leek and stilton soup recipe. This is probably the 10th time I’ve made it and it never disappoints. I participate in a food coop – – and I just happened to get potatoes and leeks this week. I made this last winter and loved it. The one thing that I can think of is that perhaps you added too much salt to your stock. Everything we’ve ever made from once upon a chef isn’t just perfect, it’s the best we’ve ever had. This soup is amazing! This soup is just amazing and gorgeous!!! I doubled the recipe and only change was that I used dried thyme and added about 1 cup Velveeta cheese. Thanks so much. I followed your recipe as listed, and it was magnificent. super easy and delicious. Any suggestions? Your recipe was the first I tried and it’ll be the last because it was perfect. I wanted to top it with bacon so I cooked the bacon in the Dutch oven first where I will be cooking the soup then wiped off the grease and proceeded with the recipe. Melt the butter over medium heat in a large soup pot. Perfection. YUM. Thank you for sharing this. Loved this soup! I’ve made this Delicious soup twice, both times with home made chicken broth. Just made your version today and it is the best. My husband called it a Masterpiece. I’ll definitely make this again. Wonderful recipe! Yummy perfection and a big hit with everyone. When it foams, add 450g potatoes, cut into 1cm cubes, 1 small onion, cut the same as the potatoes, and 450g white parts of leeks, sliced and toss … For longer storage, you can freeze it. I removed the bacon, left the fat, then followed the recipe from there. Awesome! Cut no corners. Will be adding this recipe to our fortnightly dinner rotation. My husband and I really enjoyed this soup. Fabulous. Butter to Vegan butter Chicken broth to Vegetable broth Cream to Unsweetened coconut cream (not milk, cream). I will be serving this at Thanksgiving this year. Enjoy! I’m really happy I found your site. First time making potato leek soup. Thank you for sharing! . Great recipe and great tool! I used salted butter and chicken stock, but otherwise followed it to a tee. I’m sure it would have been tastier with the cream, but I don’t have any. Kids like or more hearty! Next time, might sprinkle some bacon bits or bacon-seasoned croutons. Hi Kim, I wouldn’t think that using your own stock should make the soup more chicken-y tasting. It was also easy (and I have never cooked with leeks) Thank you! Thanks for another wonderful recipe, Jenn! Incredibly delicious, served with French bread and everyone had seconds! This vegan potato leek soup recipe is going to check all your boxes: Vegan/vegetarian; Gluten free; Dairy free; It suits most diets and it’s allergy friendly (with exception to the coconut milk if you or a loved one is allergic to coconut of course). This is my first time cooking with leeks and won’t be my last . I used 2% milk instead of heavy cream. To find them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. Can’t wait to try another one of your recipes. Totally will be making this again! Delicious! Made it gluten free, low sodium, low fat and large flavour! It may separate a bit when you defrost it but should come together again when you reheat it. I followed the recipe ingredients and steps exactly as written and it tastes fabulous. Try our nutritious recipe packed with flavour and fresh locally sourced ingredients. Absolutely beautiful, very delicate flavour and such an old fashioned taste. I have made several from this site and each one has been spot on exactly as written. It’s from Pottery Barn (but it’s pretty old, so not sure they still carry it)! I really should have both chicken and beef stock on hand all the time. This is the second time l have made the potato soup and l have been very pleased with the results. Just made potato leek soup tonight and it was just fabulous. After the potatoes have cooked, it’s very easy to retrieve the thyme stems. 1.5 Tbs butter and 1.5 Tbs olive oil. Cook leek (reserve some for garnish) and garlic for 8 minutes or until tender. so delicious 5 stars! I make this often, and in larger batches so that I can share with neighbours. Add the chopped onion and leeks to a pot with the crushed garlic and olive oil and sauté until softened. This will be my new go soup recipe! Guess it is time for another batch. I used a hand masher because I wanted some whole potatoes. Yum. This was very good, first time following a written recipe. Thanks for a great and simple recipe. Better yet…my wife wants this as part of our main dish “soup” repertoire and asks that I make it at least once a month! At the suggestion of my boyfriend, I added bacon and some cheddar cheese. Super easy and fast! I would definitely not use store bought broth though. And so easy. No cream either, just a drizzle of half and half. to sprinkle on top. No cream or half and half in the house, but the Yukon golds blended up very creamy. Lovely soup! Julie. Getting ready to make more as the weather is getting colder. . This recipe is fantastic, I’ve been using it for a while now. Perfecto – or other foreign terms that mean ‘great. P. S., I only had half and half dairy, so that’s what I used. So absolutely delicious and like no other potato and leek soup I’ve made before! What do you think? And I have failed every time. Not a fan of thyme, so I left it out. Hope you enjoy! 2 cups. Amazing recipe! Highly recommend! Super good! Ate it warm tonight. Extra leeks because I didn’t want to waste them. I rarely follow recipes to a “T,” but I pretty much did with this one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I let the potatoe and leeks simmer for a few hours before blending. Could this be made a day in advance and refrigerated? I also used part veg broth and part chicken broth. We made lots of soup and it freezes very well. The second batch I made, I added a splash of white wine and fresh-squeezed lemon while adding the cream. Thank you. Drizzled with fresh lemon as others suggested… totally made the soup. The second time I added 1/2 cauliflower and 1/2 potatoes to make it a little healthier. I made your potato leek soup and it was delicious! Top on the soup. This recipe was easy to follow and turned out delicious! Second time making this. So, long story already too long, I used 2 entire leeks instead of 4 leeks that this recipe calls for. A keeper. What you made was SHALLOT soup! I made this tonight for dinner. I followed it exactly and then used turkey bacon, thyme and green onion as a garnish at the end which was a nice bonus. The soup turned out very well. Just made it and I thought it tasted great. Most of the flavour in a broth comes from salt so I have little doubt your soup was as bland as you say. Yum. I’ve made it several times and all 4 of my kids enjoy it. This soup is amazing! We did substitute shallots for the onion. This was delicious!! I had chopped frozen leek from Trader Joes’s which was under the amount of leek needed so I added a couple chopped sweet onions and sauteed together. Used leeks from my garden, and it is just delicious. I think it’s perfectly fine to use the warm function on the crockpot to keep the soup warm. I didn’t have a sprig of fresh thyme, so I put in ~2 tsp dried thyme leaves. Thanks for your very sweet words ❤️ (and glad to hear you enjoyed the soup)! Yes, this soup can be frozen, but add the heavy cream when you’re reheating the soup. Amazingly rich and satisfying. I made this soup it was absolutely delicious. You must be logged in to rate a recipe, click here to login. I adore every one of your recipes that I have made. Excellent soup! The dutch oven was scraped clean!!! I will definitely share this with others! I’m just sorry Angela had such poor results with what is, to my family, a terrific soup. I used oil, rather than butter, fat free 1/2 & 1/2 and left out salt. Hope you enjoy the soup! This savory potato-leek soup is a dish we especially enjoy for dinner on a cold night. Say ‘leek & potato soup’ and what probably comes to mind is a creamy, white soup made with whole milk or cream. Could you use potato starch instead of cream? Enjoy! THIS POTATO LEEK SOUP IS MEGA CREAMY (WITHOUT ANY HEAVY CREAM! — Carolyn Brouillard on November 17, 2020, — Alan Jayabal (from Singapore) on June 13, 2020, — Lisa DragonMistress Nigro on May 4, 2020, — Katy Clauer-Campbell on October 31, 2019, — Nilanthi Jayasundera on September 29, 2019, — Katy Clauer-Campbell on September 16, 2019, — Beatrice Nandwa, Kenya on July 29, 2019, — psychiatric physician on December 4, 2018. My boyfriend loves whatever I cook him, but I slipped up and told him we were having a vegetarian (this soup) dinner coming up, and well, he was less than thrilled. It was so fresh and healthy tasting. It is reminiscent of a potato onion soup my grandmother used to make when I was a child and instantly brings me back…Comfort in a bowl! Cut back on the leeks a little depending on how big they are. So delicious! Definitely a family favorite! My family’s been on a nut kick recently so I’ve lightly toasted some ground filberts (hazelnuts) for tonight’s topping – just a sprinkle. It’s the perfect cozy meal for a cold day! Will definitely being adding it to my “go to” recipes to impress all my family and friends! Great work! While I’ve followed the recipe precisely in the past, I think I prefer regular broth (rather than low-sodium); however, I tend to like things a bit saltier, so if you’re the opposite then I’d advise you go the low-sodium route. Substituted natural yogurt for the cream and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing Jenn!! She wanted us to learn to be self sufficient as adults and not dependent on junk food. I added crumbled crisp bacon at the end; also used half and half instead of heavy cream. Not this time. I also used red bliss potatoes (unpeeled). I think the thyme really gave it what it needed. Add the leeks and garlic and cook, stirring regularly, until soft and wilted, about 10 minutes. Absolutely easy and so tasty. Enjoy! Gonna have to invest in an immersion blender as transfering to the old glass Oster was a bit of a chore. I have made this soup twice, it’s a great recipe, plus it is so simple to make. Many thanks. I ended up adding about two more tsp of salt and then cheese when that didn’t do it. Simple, delicious, and great for leftovers. Just made this soup and it was a hit! Sure, Kim – but I’d wait to add the cream until you’re reheating it. Oh, I love the addition of bacon. Will serve with chives, parmesan crisps, and prosciutto (I have some from another recipe). The end result is nothing short of phenomenal. Not the case with this one! I’ve been thinking about it alot lately because my youngest loves soup. Hi Jill, I would cook the bacon separately until nice and crisp, and then serve it as a garnish on top of the soup. Loved this soup. My husband loved his dinner tonight! Add garlic, potatoes, salt, and pepper. Or is there a potential for a different texture? This Potato Leek Soup is made with fragrant leeks simmered with buttery potato… I made it in my instant pot. I served with green garlic I grow in my back yard..also some shaved Parmesan or pecorino may not hurt for those not on a diet. Would a vitamix work instead of an immersion blender? Before trying this recipe, I hadn’t actually made Potato Leek Soup before, and only eaten it once a few years back. I’ll definitely be making this one on a regular basis. Make a big pot of this winter classic – leek and potato soup. Eating with pumpernickel and butter after appetizer of radishes. I suggest investing in some high quality butter for the best flavor. I have already added the cream. Easy, fast, delicious!!! Hi Jenn, I just bought healthy leeks from Trader Joe’s and am excited about making your soup recipe. Thank you, thank you! I made this last weekend for my family. I finished it off with only about 3/4 c of cream (I didn’t measure but I thought the soup consistency was good enough for me with that amount). can I use russets, since that’s what I have on hand?? from? Simple, easy and delicious. Because of the steak, I didn’t purée the soup but, oh my gosh, it was so good. So, anyone who thinks the recipe is bland – season to taste! I left mine chunky (didn’t purée), and it was absolutely delicious. I added a loaf of crusty french bread to complete the dish, and I had a fantastic lunch that will provide for plenty of leftovers in the coming week. July 2020 update: I made the ingredients and instructions more clear (and updated the post text). These kinds of “reviews” really bug the heck out of me. Thank you. I made this soup for my family and it was delicious! We would eat this soup every day if we could. It was excellent and everyone enjoyed it. When the butter foams, add the leeks, onions and potatoes with plenty of salt and pepper, then cook gently, with the lid on, for 15-20 minutes. Delicious! Thanks Jenn! Melt the butter in a large lidded pan/casserole set over a medium heat. A little effort with peeling potatoes and cleaning the leeks but easy to make and so worth it. I made this today. This recipe is amazing!! I wouldn’t change the recipe in anyway! I added some chopped celery and finely sliced baby carrots to the sauteing leeks and garlic. When potatoes are done, skin them while they are still hot and cut them into bite sized pieces. Can I tell you how happy I found this recipe? Super easy and delicious recipe, a keeper for sure! I think it will have a different taste, but that it should work. I’ll be glaԀ to be a visitant of those unadulterated site! Although I know using half and half is less fat, what other substitute can I use instead of cream? Simmered it a little longer to thicken to my liking. I personally like the amount of salt, but it’s right at the edge of okay. I followed your recipe to the T and can’t wait to make it for some friends soon. We have a ninja blender and used that to puree the soup, I did keep some of the cut-up potatoes out of the blender and added them back to the soup with the cream for a little more texture. Super easy, makes the house smell great and it’s delicious cold in the triple digit Nevada summer. And if you find it’s a bit too thin for you, just simmer it for a bit longer until it gets to the thickness you’d like. Thank you! This soup is a great one for people who live alone and don’t want to make too much. Any differences between these two types of cream? Yep — it will just be a bit less creamy. I did the same as well! I like to use chicken stock and instead of dairy cream I use coconut milk. I used a food processor for the pureeing. Thank you! Ingredients. I used a full stack of thyme, reds and Yukons, skin on, and the blender. I first tried this soup as an appetizer at my rehearsal dinner and loved it. Hi Elaine, Yes, best to freeze before adding the cream. This is the best potato leek soup recipe I’ve ever tasted. I have made this leek and potato soup several times now. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe! Outstanding! Made you Potato-Leek Soup last night. Will definitely make it again no question . This would be delicious with some cooked crumbled bacon on top! Those recipe was so good I just made the soup again. This recipe turned out perfect. I saw in other reviews to wait to add cream if you want to freeze, but that was after I added it. Jenn, this is an excellent soup and another winning recipe from you! Came out great. And the flavor is really spot on. I did only a half recipe and accidentally did the full amount of garlic, but it was still delicious! I think I may have puréed it too much and next time I may leave it with a little more coarse. Hi Elizabeth, I haven’t tried that here so it’s hard to say for sure, but I think it would work. You can reduce the amount if you’d like but I wouldn’t leave it out completely. It was phenomenal. Only, in the instructions you mention that 4 large leeks make about 4 cups. Easy to follow instructions. This is a great recipe and very well written, I highly recommend it. Thank you. This soup was a highlight of my childhood, basically. Thanks! Followed the recipe and love the results! Potato leek soup, or potage parmentier, is a French classic. Delicious! One lesson I’ve really learned being in a CSA is working with what I’ve got on hand. And a big hit with the kids too! This was a delicious recipe. Hi Diane, it is really dependent upon the size of the potatoes– you mentioned large potatoes, so perhaps you’d need 2 to 3. I serve with crusty bread which I rub with EVOO, sliced garlic & cover w/ whatever cheese I have on hand & broil until bubbly. I always thought their skin is pretty thin? For years, I’ve been a huge fan of Potato Leek Soup. When I look for a recipe, I’ll check here first (and her cookbook). 4 cups of broth was plenty. I won’t hesitate to make it again. Used heavy whipping cream, created a creamy texture. Glad you all enjoyed it, Lin. Using your well-rated recipe as a general guide, tonight’s version completed with 2% milk and bouillon cubes is deliciously satisfying. Now you can stay up to date with all the latest news, recipes and offers. Will make this again, for sure! I also threw three corn cobs (Cut the corn off) in the soup which made it sweet. Enjoy! I am obsessed! Very creamy and delish! Thanks for your sharing of the recipes and will love to try your other ones as well as I am a person enjoy cooking and trying other experts recipes :)) Love and regards. Hi Deborah, Check back on the page; I’ve added the nutritional data. July 2020 update: I made the ingredients and instructions more clear (and updated the post text). Loved this simple recipe! Thanks again. Rather pleased with myself and with the recipe. It transported me right back to Scotland and the fun I had. Serve hot, garnished with fresh thyme, chives, or anything you like. Delicious recipe exactly as is. Potato and leek soup was what French chef Louis Diat cooked one cold summer morning at the Ritz in New York City, more than a century ago. I used Kosher salt in the recipe (carefully of course), and fresh ground multicolor peppercorns. How does this translate to the uk measurements Thank you :o). (I have loved everything I’ve tried from your website). This is absolutely delicious! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Bring to a boil. I followed the recipe precisely and was told it was “pretty good” but kind of bland. This Instant Pot Potato Leek Soup recipe is easy to make with just a few ingredients. I added one nice sized shallot and used a half cup of evaporated milk, in lieu of the cream. I used salted butter for sauteing the vegetables, and chicken bullion for my stock base, so I reduced the salt to 1/4 tsp. Looking forward to your cook book! Hi Jenn, Cooler weather here on Long Island and it was time to make another pot of this delicious soup! Delicious. This soup is outstanding. I doubled the amount of thyme and pepper (we love it) and I also threw in a few roasted garlic cloves I had on hand. Season with salt and pepper. Less then hour from start to finish. leek soup, especially which part of the leek to use. Did they add 1 teaspoon? Hi there, Can you use russet potatoes rather than yukon gold? Add leeks and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until softened but not browned, about 10 to 12 minutes. I added cheese and bacon on top with a fresh rolls,easy supper for my hubby and economical as well. Creamy, rich, and delicious. Put in oven under broiler. Most potato/leek soups are good, but this one is perfection. Outstanding. If I wanted to add Asparagus to this recipe at what point would I do so? Boil until the potatoes are soft, 15 to 20 minutes. I use YG potatoes and those help with the creaminess. Thanks so much. Thanks Jenn! Once I followed the recipe and it was delicious and gone that meal. I’ve gifted your book to others, and now posted this photo on instagram. I think it was America’s Test Kitchen that rated Knorr’s the best, but we have a hard time finding it, and it keeps getting harder to find. Hi Corrine, Just based on the volume of liquid you’re adding, it will likely need a bit more time on the stove. I have tried many versions by other sites, but this one is the gold standard. It cannot be easier. So much easier! Hope you enjoy it! Mom and kid approved!! I hope that you do try it, it adds a subtle layer of depth and flavor that truly takes the soup to another level of spectacularness! I added 3 chopped celery stalks with the leeks because I had them laying around and I wanted to use them up. You can also add these into the slow cooker after the soup has been pureed for even more bacon flavor. Hi Sammy, Might just be a little bland. (Just wait until you’re reheating the soup to add the cream.). And those leeks were SO clean! Add chopped onions and chopped leeks to a pot with crushed garlic and olive oil and sauté until softened. Need reply ASAP. PS – this is one of my family’s favorite soups! My 20 year old son can’t get enough of it. Perfect soup… did not deviate from recipe at all. Thanks for inspiring me to get excited about cooking!!! I did not make changes to any of the ingredients but needed to cut it in a half as it is just for one and it is perfect!.. Also, do you think cauliflower go well with potato? Classic potato leek soup ~ simple and delicious with potatoes, leeks and chicken stock, inspired by Julia Child. This recipe has nurtured many people! Typically when I do that, I’m so over the last few bowls. (How much onion is called for by “2 onions”? I made this soup today and it was delicious! This was quite delicious. I just finished making this and my goodness is it delicious! I didn’t have fresh thyme so I used a little bit of powdered thyme. . Hi Jen, We have made several of your recipes and they are all fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe ♡. I do add a few teaspoons of salt which does the trick for us! Can’t wait to serve it up ! It’s the perfect recipe for those looking for potato leek soup without cream or milk. It was delicious, flavourful, rich – honestly perfect. I was looking to jazz up the way I make potato leek soup and I stumbled onto your bolg and onto this soup. I have a bumper crop of leeks this year and am wondering if this soup freezes well. Cook for 1 minute, then add vegetable broth, water, thyme, and bay leaf. I used 2% milk instead of cream and it worked great. Planning on making it again very soon for friends. Used a Ninja blender to smooth it out. Amazing! Please could you verify the equivalent measurement for the chicken broth of 7 cups. This recipe turned out great, and I already had a great potato leek soup recipe that I was hesitant to deviate from today. Thanks for all your recipes. Tried this and LOVED it. The local farm has been providing fresh leeks every week in my farm share box… And I found your recipe and it is simply the best… I ran out of potatoes this week so I substituted a head of organic cauliflower… And I also used a beef base rather than chicken and it was equally as delicious… I am so enjoying your recipes and think that you are amazing! I’ll be making twice the amount next time. thank you so much for this recipe!! Most importantly, you won’t believe how deeply satisfying, cozy and comforting it is. . Made this for a soup and salad lunch I had for Halloween with my extended family – they LOVED it. It is easy to make and comes out creamy and flavorful. You have arrived at the correct webpage. I did sprinkle it with bacon because, well, bacon. Hi Marty, when it comes to dairy I usually use less than what is called for to keep things lighter. This was very tasty and fairly easy to make. A dollop of sour cream really made it as well! Lack of experience in the kitchen had me add bacon while simmering, which made more of a pancetta consistency when done, which was delicious but unexpected. Subscribe to delicious. Absolutely amazing! This soup deserves more than 5 stars. It’s pricey, but so much better than my previous two cheaper models. I’m pretty sure this was the first recipe of yours that I have tried but I can guarantee you that it won’t be the last. Thanks!! I also used less cream as I was concerned it may have diluted the flavor. I love making it and everyone enjoys eating it, including my husband who must eat gluten free. Flavour, consistency, etc., was perfect. I did add pancetta when cooking the garlic and leeks. Delicious. Hence, we had a soup that wasn’t too thin or too thick for our tastes and had some recognizable ingredients in it. So delicious! Will they work? Another fantastic and simple, clean recipe. Thanks in advance for your help. I used vegetable stock and added bacon. It gives the soup such a rich flavor! I love the flavour and texture, can’t say enough about it, I really appreciate the recipe Thank You. I like that the recipe includes how to freeze it. One other very small mistake I made was to use fresh thyme leaves instead of just the sprigs. The enduring popularity of potato and leek soup is no mystery. Thanks Paul for the tip! Will definitely make again. The leeks give a wonderful flavour and the potatoes add substance. Are there any special steps to serving it cold besides putting it in the fridge? YUM. Now, I have to double the recipe so there are leftovers for him & friends! You can refrigerate leftovers for a few days. I agree that the potato leek soup calls for too much broth. So glad you liked it! This soup is amazing. I am making your potato leek soup as we speak. End result: AMAZING! This soup was a big hit everyone loved it! KC. I was wondering if there is a big difference if you used russet potatoes instead of yukon gold. Add stock and 2 cups water and It was simple to make and delicious. It was fantastic! Now that I’ve mulled it over, I think I would prefer this soup with dill instead of thyme and a dollop of sour cream on top. Add the onion, leeks and garlic and cook, covered but stirring occasionally, until soft, about 12 minutes. It’s just so perfect every time and so easy to make!!! Thank you for posting. With the little bit of soup I had leftover, I mixed in some grated cheddar til melted. I will be making this again. I live overseas where potatoes don’t have names and whatever I used were absolutely fine. Can you make this the day before and keep it in the fridge overnight? Appreciated your tip on cleaning leeks, they do have a lot of dirt inside. My family loves it. So easy and delicious! I’ve made it a few times now, and find that adding a couple of pats of unsalted butter towards the end makes the soup even better. I love this recipe. My 81 year old mother in law likes it partially chunky, so I make it that way for her. Such an easy and delicious recipe! Terrific recipes. Will it taste as good if russet potatos are used instead? Thanks! I added 4 14.5oz cans of broth and one cup of water. Place potatoes into a stock pot with chicken broth and leeks. I’m eating it right now with a little dill for the garnish, because I love some dill. Hi Chloe, Creme fraiche is thicker, but it should work here. Simple and delicious. This is a wonderful soup. When the soup was almost finished I tasted it and was pretty disappointed. This is the second time cooking this, the first time my amounts were off and it was very leeky, my mom ended up eating all of it. Thanks for the very precise step by step and the pictorials that go along with your recipes. I had fresh leeks just waiting to be made into something delicious. Wonderful!! (We’re having the spinach salad with warm bacon dressing along with the soup, for dinner.). Enjoy! What I loved about making it was that I used store bought broth – I used the chicken. Any suggestions for adding a protein to the mix? I’ve never made potato leek soup before, so I followed your recipe (up until the business end of my immersion blender fell off – about half pureed). I actually think it tastes better on the second day once all the ingredients get time to meld together. I just made this last night. My husband said I should make this at least every few weeks. I see so many other recipes I want to try. Stir every now and again to make sure the veg doesn’t catch on the bottom. This is the second time I have made this recipe. My potato leek soup turned out super good, i didn’t add heavy cream and I used 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. Had to season with quite a bit of S&P to my tastes at the end, but take it slow – add it little by little until you get it just right. Who knows. It shouldn’t be a chore or a competition. If you happen to be missing an herb, who cares, it still comes out amazing! Family was very impressed with it! I followed the recipe exactly and it came out really well. This was super easy to whip up for lunch today. I am following this recipe exactly and my home smells wonderful! Hi Jenn, Can I make this soup a few days ahead and then just reheat with the cream before serving? I love it! Plus I added 3-4 drops of Sriracha. Put 3 tablespoons olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Since I’m a vegetarian it’s difficult for me to pick out and cook meat based recipes for my family to enjoy, but not any more. Cooking a meal is a gift of love one gives to their family and friends. Absolutely DELICIOUS!! Thanks ! I added some salt and white pepper but that’s all, it didn’t need any adjustments. Hello Jenn! I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Would I make this again , most definitely. Hi Katherine, It sounds like you are just looking at the portion of the page that has the pictures with some instructions underneath. Looking forward to it cold tomorrow. This is now my default recipe for potato soup. That 14 cups of broth is making me nervous that it will be watery. I made this soup today… It was so easy and quick and refreshing after a tiring day at work…. Other than this recipe, do you have others that you would suggest? So simple to make yet so delicious! Drew a toothpick through the cream and olive oil, which rested on top of this pale green soup, making a tear drop design. Make up to 3 days in advance and keep in a sealed container in the fridge. This is my third time, although a little time consuming I love making it!!!! This not only brought your wonderful potato leek soup into our lives but also opened up a host of other leek containing recipes to me this winter. That said, it will still be tasty! This recipe is relatively easy and fast, too. Incredible soup. Jenn Segal has perfected the perfect blog. Potato Leek Soup is the ultimate comfort food. The alcohol burned off and left a lovely light nutty flavor. You are absolutely right! Then add the potatoes and … Have been cooking since I was little. I am now looking at your other recipes because so elegant and fresh! I am making again and wondered if I could add mushrooms, if yes then how would I do it. Rather than pureeing it I decided to serve it chunky, a bit like a … It helps them mellow out and develop nice flavor. My goodness this was an amazing soup! Removed half and put in Ninja to puree’ and added back to pot. Thank you, yum! Next time I put entire 2# of potatoes and the taste was more of potato, and a little thicker. You deserve 10 stars for that alone!! Video! And it is all turned out good! Would you recommend I substitute coconut, soy, or almond milk if I can’t do the cream? Combine classic leek & potato soup with blue cheese and aromatic fennel to make this decadent soup. Sorry! How can I go about doing that? Add in the thyme, rosemary and coriander powder and sauté. It was amazing.
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