if ($($(this).attr("id")).css("display") == "none" ) { wind 1. informal A hint, suggestion, or rumor about something. But then they saw which way the post-Citizens United wind was blowing and became anti-disclosure. away from the wind; with the wind at one's back. Wind is the flow of air that occurs as it is heated by the sun and thus rises. $(".atoggle").keypress(toggleBlock); The strongest observed winds on a planet in the Wind Tre S.p.A. utilizza su questo Sito cookie al fine di personalizzare i contenuti promozionali in base ai potenziali interessi dell'utente. to encircle or wreathe, as with something twined, wrapped, or placed about. Zephyr, also poetical, … Each day, around the world, wind turbines are capturing the wind’s power and converting it to electricity. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Wind is the flow of gases on a large scale. Wind, waves & weather forecast Marathon Airport / Florida, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. We took the wind through the night, and in the morning we were eighty miles from Corfu, which I determined to reach by rowing. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,973. to let recover breath, as by resting after exertion. Like this video? HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter for Measuring Wind Speed, Temperature and Wind Chill with Backlight and Max/Min. We Asked, You Answered. Please Contact Us. On a local scale, the differences in rate of heating and cooling of land versus bodies of water greatly affect wind formation. to practice economy in the management of one's affairs. The distant sound of a church-clock is borne faintly on the wind. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. Home - Welcome to Kinetic by Windstream - Kinetic by Windstream's start experience including trending news, entertainment, sports, videos, personalized content, web searches, and much more. The words whined, wind, wined, wynd sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. United States wind speed and wind direction forecasts updated hourly. The direction from which a movement of air comes: The wind is north-northwest. A bet is synonymous with a wager, but what does it mean in New York? Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? A movement of air generated artificially, as by bellows or a fan. $(this).children(".control").html("–"); Wind definition is - a natural movement of air of any velocity; especially : the earth's air or the gas surrounding a planet in natural motion horizontally. Wind power is considered a renewable energy source. wind 1 (wĭnd) n. 1. a. For instance: suppose the Republicans wind up with a clear Senate majority on November 4th. High winds can occur during a severe thunderstorm, with a strong weather system, or can flow down a mountain. Wind, in climatology, the movement of air relative to the surface of the Earth. 6% coupon applied at checkout Save 6% with coupon. a current of air, sometimes of considerable force, moving generally horizontally from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure, the direction from which a wind blows, usually a cardinal point of the compass, air artificially moved, as by a fan, pump, etc, (often used in sports) the power to breathe normally, a wind instrument or wind instruments considered collectively, the musicians who play wind instruments in an orchestra, of, relating to, or composed of wind instruments, the air on which the scent of an animal is carried to hounds or on which the scent of a hunter is carried to his quarry, the part of a vessel's hull below the water line that is exposed by rolling or by wave action, any point particularly susceptible to attack or injury, to release intestinal gas through the anus, to be in the act of following (quarry) by scent, away from the direction from which the wind is blowing, as near as possible to the direction from which the wind is blowing, to come near the limits of danger or indecency, to live frugally or manage one's affairs economically, to destroy someone's advantage; disconcert or deflate, to pursue (quarry) by following its scent, to cause (a baby) to bring up wind after feeding by patting or rubbing on the back, to expose to air, as in drying, ventilating, etc, to turn or coil (string, cotton, etc) around some object or point or (of string, etc) to be turned etc, around some object or point, to twine, cover, or wreathe by or as if by coiling, wrapping, etc; encircle, to tighten the spring of (a clockwork mechanism), to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course, he is winding his own opinions into the report, to haul, lift, or hoist (a weight, etc) by means of a wind or windlass, (of a board, etc) to be warped or twisted, the act of winding or state of being wound, to blow (a note or signal) on (a horn, bugle, etc), A current of air, especially a natural one that moves along or parallel to the ground, moving from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. 99. Air, usually poetical, applies to a very gentle motion of the air. American English is not always as it appears to be ... get to know regional words in this quiz! The, Soggy coastal soils? With Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson. The large-scale pattern of winds on Earth is governed primarily by differences in the net solar radiation received at the Earth's surface, but it is also influenced by the Earth's rotation, by the distribution of continents and oceans, by ocean currents, and by topography. When you write, please note that NWS has permission to use your story and, if possible, let us know the town and state you were in and the year the event took place. At length we returned to our vessel, which had triumphantly fought the wind and floating trees. Now it is a seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations. Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! a single turn, twist, or bend of something wound: If you give it another wind, you'll break the mainspring. When the wind blows, the wind turbine's blades spin clockwise, capturing energy of the wind. b. A frail young woman from the east moves in with her cousin in the west, where she causes tension within the family and is slowly driven mad. to make (one's or its way) by indirect, stealthy, or devious procedure: to wind one's way into another's confidence. Winds play a significant role in determining and controlling climate and weather. Modern commercial wind turbines produce electricity by using rotational energy to drive an electrical generator. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Worldwide animated weather map, with easy to use layers and precise spot forecast. function toggleBlock() { Widespread significant wind damage can occur with higher wind speeds. Researchers say still don’t know what whipped up this newly discovered wind event. It faded soon into a gray fog, with puffs of wind from the southwest again. The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration else { That event may take the wind out of the traditional Cyberweek sales if people spend their money early. any stream of air, as that produced by a bellows or fan. Sign up for a $55/mo. }); US Dept of Commerce If, for any reason, you are less than 100% satisfied with a product you have purchased from us, return it within 90 days using … to lessen in intensity so as to bring or come to a gradual end: He's too excited tonight to wind down and sleep. Understanding the risks can help you prepare for these events. High winds were forecast. NWS Forecasts for any location on planet Earth! Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. Romance and adventure happen during the America's Cup series of yachting races. }; air in natural motion, as that moving horizontally at any velocity along the earth's surface: A gentle wind blew through the valley. The United States is home to one of the largest and fastest-growing wind markets in the world. by a narrow margin; take a risk. First recorded before 900; Middle English (noun), Old English; cognate with Dutch, German, First recorded before 900; Middle English, First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English; special use of, Dictionary.com Unabridged Directed by Victor Sjöström. to bring to a state of great tension; excite (usually used in the past participle): to settle or arrange in order to conclude: to signal or direct by blasts of the horn or the like. High winds can blow objects around and pose a significant threat to your safety. Questions? (of a sailing vessel) headed into the wind with sails shaking or aback. Windfinder spezializes in wind and weather forecasts for kitesurfers, windsurfer, surfers, sailors and paragliders. $("a.toggle").click(toggleBlock); Describe 2020 In Just One Word? } return false; to roll or coil (thread, string, etc.) to make (one's or its way) in a bending or curving course: The stream winds its way through the woods. From Middle English winde, wind, from Old English wind (“wind”), from Proto-Germanic *windaz, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂wéh₁n̥tos (“wind”), from earlier *h₂wéh₁n̥ts (“wind”), derived from the present participle of *h₂weh₁- (“to blow”). In outer space, solar wind is the movement of gases or charged particles from the Sun through space, while planetary wind is the outgassing of light chemical elements from a planet's atmosphere into space. The direction from which a movement of air comes: The wind is north-northwest. the pit of the stomach where a blow may cause a temporary shortness of breath; to make short of wind or breath, as by vigorous exercise. to dispense with or relinquish something characteristic of one’s habits or behavior in favor of something uncharacteristic, regardless of the possible consequences: to change direction; bend; turn; take a frequently bending course; to have a circular or spiral course or direction. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Black Friday Offer $55 for 20GB, Plus a Galaxy S20 FE 5G On Us. Find wind, wave and weather forecast for over 45000 locations on Windfinder. Inoltre, per offrirti una migliore esperienza digitale su questo sito, utilizza cookie di 'terza parte', ovvero cookie statistici di tipo analitico … With Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love, Dorothy Cumming. to expel gas from the stomach and bowels through the anus. b. to twine, fold, wrap, or place about something. When winds from the north dominated, and there was more sea ice, there was less oxygen-18 in the cellulose. to escape (punishment, detection, etc.) High winds can occur during a severe thunderstorm, with a strong weather system, or can flow down a mountain. When winds are sustained at 40-50 mph, isolated wind damage is possible. $("div.toggle:gt(0)").css({'display':'none'}); Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition One and all, they come shaking their tin cups at election time then run like the wind when a critical vote comes up. (with Digital Discount) 3 Big Gig Unlimited 4 data plan with 20GB of Fast LTE data and get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for Absolute Zero TM 9. Wind applies to any such air in motion, blowing with whatever degree of gentleness or violence. 2-year term required 1. the members of an orchestra or band who play the wind instruments. Wind turbines allow us to harness the power of the wind and turn it into energy. Cognate with Dutch wind, German Wind, West Frisian wyn, Norwegian … This triggers the main shaft of the wind turbine, connected to a gearbox within the nacelle, to spin. All rights reserved. The road was hard and dry as there was a high March wind, although not at present a cold one. Wind stocks, as represented by the First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF (), have dramatically outperformed the broader market.FAN has provided a total return of … When winds are sustained at 40-50 mph, isolated wind damage is possible. All NOAA. $("a.toggle").attr("title","Click to expand and contract"); Increasingly, as these industries develop, on-site solar and wind is a way of guaranteeing a lower price for electricity. Surface wind is measured by anemometers or its effect on objects, such as trees. METAR, TAF and NOTAMs for any airport in the World. Why do whined, wind, wined, wynd sound the same even though they are completely different words? As combat operations in Afghanistan wind down, so too does the main driver of NATO defense cooperation. Forecast models ECMWF, GFS, NAM and NEMS What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? Safety1325 East West HighwaySilver Spring, MD 20910Comments? High winds broke branches above the water and stripped off their leaves. the power of breathing freely, as during continued exertion. In her profession one is always between wind and water. Directed by Carroll Ballard. to surprise someone, especially with unpleasant news; She took the wind out of his sails when she announced she was marrying someone else. air that is blown or forced to produce a musical sound in singing or playing an instrument. During strong thunderstorms, straight line wind speeds can exceed 100 mph. Wind is a 1992 film directed by Carroll Ballard and starring Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey and Cliff Robertson. Widespread significant wind damage can occur with higher wind speeds. Dall’unione Wind e Tre nasce la rete più grande d’Italia. For full treatment, see climate: Wind. We've gotten wind that our competitors are working on some new kind of smart screen technology. The wind is a clean, free, and readily available renewable energy source. Historically, wind power in the form of windmills has been used for centuries for such tasks as grinding grain and pumping water. into a ball, on a spool, or the like (often followed by, to remove or take off by unwinding (usually followed by. Wind, air, zephyr, breeze, blast, gust refer to a quantity of air set in motion naturally. Moving air, especially a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground. The American Heritage® Science Dictionary © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins to sail as nearly as possible in the direction from which the wind is blowing. The willows,” he says, “bow themselves to every wind, out of shame for their unfruitfulness. How to use windup in a sentence. A brief treatment of winds follows. The answer is simple: whined, wind, wined, wynd are homophones of the English language. Climbing the mountain, never coming down. National Weather Service In addition to the idioms beginning with wind, The Dictionary.com Word Of The Year For 2020 Is …, “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. That spins a generator that produces electricity. to make (a mechanism) operational by tightening the mainspring with a key (often followed by, to haul or hoist by means of a winch, windlass, or the like (often followed by. Windup definition is - the act of bringing to an end. Scopri WINDTRE: le vantaggiose offerte mobile e fisso, i migliori smartphone e tanti altri device per te. $(document).ready(function() { gas generated in the stomach and intestines. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Winds are commonly classified by their spatial scale, their speed, the types of forces that cause them, the regions in which they occur, and their effect. } The wind was strong from the westward, accompanied with light showers all day. The deep stillness, or the unintermitted hollow blowing of the wind (according to the weather) are equally mournful. Used especially with the verb "get." If those wind patterns themselves stall, slow down dramatically, or change directions rather abruptly, the hurricane will be sort of directionless and it can sit there stalling. Search from over 175,000 US locations Motivate your anger to make them all realize. to verge on a breach of propriety or decency. Copyright © 2011. whined, wind, wined, wynd. “Alligator” vs. “Crocodile”: Do You Know The Difference? sailing directly into the wind; against the wind. With 20 years of experience in wind energy construction, Mortenson has erected more than 145 wind projects totaling more than 15,000 MW of clean energy. When the wind blows past a wind turbine, its blades capture the winds kinetic energy and rotate, turning it into mechanical energy. This rotation turns an internal shaft connected to a gearbox, which increases the speed of rotation by a factor of 100. $($(this).attr("id")).toggle(); Special wind and weather forecasts for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other wind related sports. $(this).children(".control").html("+"); If you, or someone you know, have been a victim of a high wind event, please share your story so we can prevent others from becoming a victim. Wind power generation plays an increasingly important role in the way we power our world – in a clean, sustainable manner. Here’s why ecologists love them, Slow, meandering hurricanes are often more dangerous—and they’re getting more common, A Corona Xmas: Why physical stores will power online shopping this holiday season, Bering Sea winter ice shrank to its lowest level in 5,500 years in 2018, Here’s the summer science you might have missed, Shocked by Ukraine Violence, NATO Prepares to Face Down Putin, The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol 58, No. $29.99 $ 29. Wind Songtext: Cultivate your hunger before you idealize. Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and anyone else. Prevailing global winds are classified into three major belts in the Northern Hemisphere and three corresponding belts in the Southern Hemisphere. 2. a. THE WIND & WEATHER GUARANTEE. 357, July 1845. On the surface of the Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? wind noun (CURRENT OF AIR) A1 [ C or U ] a current of air moving approximately horizontally, especially one strong enough to be felt: There isn't enough wind to fly a kite. How to use wind in a sentence.
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